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We join the blogosphere!

This morning we take our first steps into the world of blogging. There’s always so much to talk about at Music in the Round, with our busy programme of concerts, workshops, visits, projects, talks, commissions, masterclasses, tours…







We’ve decided to start writing a blog in order to share some of the many things that go on here all the year round. There will be postings from all of us here in the office, plus regular appearances from guests including members of Ensemble 360, other artists, partners, and who knows who else?! We’ll always be pleased to hear back from you with comments, questions, ideas – responses of any kind. Hopefully, this will give you a new window into Music in the Round, and us a new way of talking about what we do.

Oh, and come and join us some time! http://www.musicintheround.co.uk is your first port of call.