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After going global Transformations returns to South Yorkshire for its last hurrah

“This was one of the most exciting evenings I have been to with MitR.” 

Many of you will remember our innovative Transformations event at the Showroom Cinema as part of our last May Festival. It was an incredible evening that celebrated two significant centenaries – that of the discovery of stainless steel and that of composer Benjamin Britten – through bringing together film and music in a way that we hope Britten himself could have been proud off.

 “Loved the ‘drama’” Audience member

Since the Sheffield premiere elements of the programme have been touring the country and have been broadcast on the internet. Adrian Wilson and Katie Goodwin‘s collaborative version of Britten’s Six Metamorphoses after Ovid and Charlie Piper’s piece With Stolen Fire for chamber ensemble and film, have reached over 2000 people in over 24 countries – our widest reaching programme to date.

 “A very different experience. All aspects super quality.
Adrian was stunning!”
Audience member
Ensemble Charlie 5

If you’re not one of those 2000 people it’s not too late; there’s still one last chance to see it. The final performance takes place in Penistone Paramount in Barnsley on 4th April at 8pm. It seems only fitting that it returns to its South-Yorkshire home for its grand finale.

For those of you who don’t know Penistone Paramount, it’s a beautiful, traditional two-tier cinema/music hall with a small bar and a kiosk for popcorn and ice-cream – the perfect place to end this incredible tour. It’s on the edge of Barnsley and Sheffield, has its own free car park, ample free on-street parking and is just a very short walk from Penistone railway station. Perfect!

You can book online at www.penistoneparamount.co.uk.

By Tracy, Project Manager (@tracyMitR)


February 17, 2014 · by Tom Hobson ()


As celebrations continue throughout the UK for the centenary for Britten, I take a quick look into some of his more integral works.

 Britten is widely considered to have dominated British music for the four decades preceding his death in 1976. One piece he excelled in, to particular recognition, was his operatic version of the Shakespeare play, ‘A Midsummers Nights Dream’. This is widely considered his best work and has played a central theme in the recent celebrations of his life. 

Music in the Round – a Sheffield based charity – also held a successful event in Britten’s memory. Last year they had a new film commissioned to his short vignettesSix Metamorphoses after Ovid Op.49 which received their world premiere at Sheffield’s own Showroom Cinema. They also showed ‘The Way to the Sea’, one of the GPO documentary to which Britten wrote the music. They entitled their event, ‘Transformations’ and a series of short films about the creative process and inspirations can be found on their YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/musicintheround.

 This April, they’re repeating the event, in Barnsley. They are descending upon the town of Penistone, and will be changing their recital in due accordance. ‘The Way to the Sea’ will be replaced by ‘Coal Face’ which takes a look into the structure of the coal industry, and the processes, which were used to extract and treat the substance. Barnsley is of course renowned for its rich mining heritage, so it is hoped that locals will be encouraged to come along for this one-off-viewing.

 Britten was, and remains a globally established musical figure. Having written some of the most appealing classical music of the 20th century, this is an excellent opportunity for ‘Tarn folk to experience something different, right on their doorsteps, at Penistone Paramount. 

You can book tickets here – http://www.onlinecinematickets.com/index.php?s=PENISTONE&p=details&eventCode=11791

For more about Britten including a friendly intro to some of his main works check out – http://www.britten100.org/home