Monthly Archives: May 2015

Almost there!

Artistic director Angus Smith reflects on the build up to our annual May Festival.

As you will imagine, this is one of the most exciting times of the year for
Music in the Round. We are in the final countdown stages to the beginning
of the May Festival, and the starting line is even nearer this time round
than usual with our pre-festival choral workshop on Bank Holiday Monday
with the incomparable John Rutter.

I would like to share with you a snapshot of life in the Music in the Round
office at the moment. As many will know, I divide my time between Sheffield
and London, and each time I arrive at my desk in our office at the top of
the Central Library I am struck by the incredible intensity of what is
going on around me. Of course, the final parts of the festival jigsaw are
being put in place to ensure that all the events – concerts, participatory
events, activities for young and old(er) – run smoothly. Conversation may
touch on the minute details of notes and biographies for the festival
programme that is about to go to press, or how we can squeeze out some more
publicity coverage so that we can ensure that absolutely everyone we think
would like to know about the festival does indeed get to hear about it, or
it can even turn to a discussion on the shade of the this year’s festival
t-shirts! The chances are that you won’t be aware of the full degree of
activity that goes into the festival preparation, and that you won’t notice
it while the festival is going on, but that is precisely because my
colleagues do such a superb job in getting everything ready.

But that isn’t the end of it, because amidst all this final-stage
preparation, planning for concerts and activities later in the year – and,
indeed, well beyond – are already in full swing. Music in the Round is a
year-round operation, marking it out from many organisations that present a
yearly festival and then retire to a quiet place to recover! We pride
ourselves on being forward looking, imaginative and innovative, but it
takes a lot of work and there is rarely, if ever, any ‘down-time’. More
reasons, in fact, for me to say how much I admire and value the
extraordinary dedication and expertise of all my Music in the Round