Guest blog: singer Carol on One Equal Music


I spend so much of my time encouraging other people to sing that it’s wonderful to find an opportunity to sing myself, especially under Angus’ expert direction. In Sunday’s rehearsal he really put everyone at ease, and helped us to feel comfortable with the music.

It was a lovely surprise to start moving around the cathedral during the Gorecki! It worked brilliantly, bringing the sound alive. When this moment comes around in the concert, the audience will be totally absorbed by it. It really helps to bring the music off the page.

The rehearsal inspired me to go straight home and do some practice!

I came all the way from Buxton because you don’t often get the opportunity to take part in music of this calibre. You’ve got to take the chance when it comes up.

In my day-to-day life I spend time thinking about the practicalities of teaching repertoire and singing technique to my singers, so it came as welcome reminder to find myself in the vulnerable position of a choir member who is feeling insecure about singing particular phrases.  I hope it will remind me to be more tolerant and patient as I try to build singers’ confidence.

Above all, being one of over 60 singers who were prepared to give up precious leisure time on a Sunday afternoon, I felt part of our wonderful community of choral enthusiasts who share their love of wonderful music.


Carol Bowns is a freelance musician based in Derbyshire who spends her time enthusing, training, and developing singers. She leads Kaleidoscope Community Choir, directs The Tideswell Singers, and creates passenger choirs on cruise ships – amongst much else!

The One Equal Music concert features a programme of music, both ancient and modern, for choir and string quartet, and takes place at Sheffield Cathedral on Sunday 11 May at 6.30pm. Further details at

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