A transforming experience!


We’re coming towards the conclusion of a new schools project, Transformations. Working in partnership with the Showroom Cinema here in Sheffield, it’s based on the concert of the same name that took place back in May at our Festival, a centrepiece of which was the commissioned film by Katie Goodwin that went alongside Benjamin Britten’s Six Metamorphoses after Ovid. The new project similarly sought to combine film and music, challenging the children to come up with their own creative responses to the ideas of changing and reflecting.


Over four weeks, the project leaders (more of whom shortly) worked with sixty Year 3 pupils at Watercliffe Meadow Primary School, in north-west Sheffield, on producing new pieces of film, artwork, and music. We chose two of the movements, Phaeton and Narcissus, on which to base our activities. Amongst other things, we
▪ created colourful portraits that mirrored emotions, feelings, moods…
▪ composed and recorded music that reflected, raced, transformed…
▪ invented and filmed songs and actions that we knew would tell the stories visually, and
▪ (especially popular) used Scalextric to come up with appropriate sound effects!

Now begins the task of editing it all into a brand-new film! (I’m anticipating a few late nights coming up…) Excitingly, the finished work will be shown at the Showroom’s children’s film festival Showcomotion later this month, and we’ll be posting it online as well. Watch this space. And we hope to roll the project out to other schools as part of the touring programme that begins this autumn.


What a great collaboration! Polly and I were really pleased that so many people were involved: Polly and myself, Katie Goodwin and Adrian Wilson, Emma-Jayne Russell, teachers from Watercliffe Meadow Judi Cliff, Alexandra Holland and Claire Bradley – and of course nearly sixty sparky, inventive creative artists of the future!

by Fraser, Education & Outreach Assistant [ @frasermitr ]

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